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Sahyadri Classic 2019 Results and Final Times


Pasarni Climb

The Pasarni Climb is a 29 km section with an elevation gain of 751 m.

This is the fist climb of the four.

Medha Climb

The medha climb is the about 18 km in length with a 4% average. The total elevation gain of this section is 670 m.

This is the second climb in the event.

Tapola Climb

The Tapola climb is 27.5 km in length and has an elevation gain of 730 m. This is the third climb in the event.

Ambenali Climb

The Ambenali, the longest of the four is 32 km in length with a 4% average gradient. The total elevation gain for this section is 1266 m. 

This is the fourth and the final climb of the event.

Rouvy Routes for Sahyadri Classic 2020