About The Sahyadri Classic

The Sahyadri Classic (TSC) provides the opportunity to ride unique routes and legendary climbs of Mahabaleshwar in a peloton of passionate cyclists just like you. Whatever your ranking is and whoever you’re riding with, you’ll find a supportive and positive atmosphere to help you reach new heights.

Whether you are competing against the best in the country, challenging yourself on the climbs or exploring new destinations with us, our team of professionals have you covered.

The first edition of The Sahyadri Classic will be organised on 30th November 2019. Get ready to #ConquerTheSahyadris With four ascents of the legendary Ghats around beautiful Mahabaleshwar and some incomparable landscapes, The Sahyadri Classic promises a whole day of memorable cycling.TSC promises to be the safest cycle race ever, as there is no downhill or flat road racing. The entire competitive section (the climbs) is at a speed less than 25 km/h, with minimal traffic and no rash drivers on the route, and a huge peleton of support motorcycle pilots.

DATE: 30th Nov 2019
START: Base of pasarni ghat
DISTANCE: 190 km and 90 km
FORMAT: Time Trial, with the climbing time for the ghats will be considered. All participants must finish the ride within 14 hours.
FINISH: Mahabaleshwar

* 4 Ghats Challenge – Men Open
* 4 Ghats Challenge – Men Masters
* 2 Ghats Challenge – Open
* 2 Ghats Challenge – Women Open

* 4 ghats Challenge- pasarni, medha, tapola, ambenali (3400m+ elevation gain)
* 2 ghats Challenge- pasarni, ambenali (2000 m+ elevation gain)

Registrations charges and inclusions:

* Cash prizes for winners for 4 Ghats Men Open, 4 Ghats Men Masters, 2 Ghats Women
* Medals for all finishers
* Event Jersey
* Finisher’s certificate for all participant
* A super awesome post race meal
* Personalised bib numbers for all the participants
* During race hydration support
* Basic first aid support during the race

Even to complete 4 Ghat Challenge in 14 hrs for amateurs is challenging and big achievement by it self!
2 Ghat Challenge will also be quite tough the seasoned riders.

Format is broadly based on La Marmotte in French Alps with some changes for Indian condition.

Only climbing time will be considered and descent time will be given to rider to ride down through ‘Ghats’

All bikes will be allowed (except e-bikes). Drafting behind vehicles is not allowed. Needless to say, helmets are compulsory.

Cash Prizes as below:

Men Open

  1. Winner : Rs 1 lakh
  2. Runner up: Rs 50,000/-
  3. Second Runner up: Rs 25,000/-

Cash Prizes for first 10 finishers

Men Masters

  1. Winner: Rs 25,000/-
  2. Runner up: Rs 15,000/-
  3. Second Runner up: Rs 10,000/-

Cash prizes for first 10 finishers

Women Open

  1. Winner: Rs 10,000/-
  2. Runner up: Rs 8,000/-
  3. Second Runner up: Rs 8,000/-

Prizes for first 10 finishers.


I have always loved to ride the ghats of Sahyadris be it on MTB or hybrid or road bike. Each ride has been a different experience altogether & the sense of achievement you get on reaching the top is beyond words!!

I feel that Sahyadri Classics 2019 is an absolutely unique event where your climbing skills are put to test.

As an amateur cyclist this is what challenges me & makes me stronger & grow as a cyclist.
I am definitely taking up this challenge, what about you?

Although this event has cash prizes for the winners, completing the 4 ghats and 2 ghats is a challenge in itself!

Since only the climbs are timed, this is one of the safest races in India.

The format is unique and is going to attract participants from all over. I am looking forward to see riders conquering the climbs on their bikes.

You don’t tame the Mountains…
They embrace you with open hands when you bow down against them.
They always stand tall.
Here is an event for all .

Whether you are a Mountain Goat itching to fly on the mountains and grab the attractive cash prizes or you are a recreational rider wanting to test your climbing skills and also enjoy the nature around this event is for all of you.
A event of such type for the First Time happening in India. Now you won’t need to fly abroad to satisfy your climbing hunger.

Organisers have assured a safe event with adequate back up and hydration support during the race.